Gif Collection

On this page you’ll find a collection of Gif’s that I created in the last few years.

These short looping animations allow me to quickly experiment with new techniques and ideas.

1. Morphing Character

2. Abstract Walkcycle

3. The Picture Plane

This animation was inspired by Scott McCloud’s ‘Picture Plane’ from the book ‘Understanding Comics’. The Picture Plane is a model in which you can see the tranition between different visual styles. In this case from a realistic to a more iconic portrait.

4. En Profil

5. Bird Walkcycle

6. Heads Scaling

7. Clap Walkcycle

8. Character Stare Down

Pictoplasma organised a fun little challenge called the Character Stare Down. The goal was simple: create a short animation in which a character stares at you.

9. Wavy Facial Features

10. Turning Head