Gif Collection

On this page you’ll find a collection of Gif’s that I created in the last few years.

These short looping animations allow me to quickly experiment with new techniques and ideas.

Morphing Character 1

Morphing Character 2

Line Walkcycle

Line Experiments

Venn Diagram 1

Venn Diagram 2


Abstract Walkcycle

The Picture Plane

This animation was inspired by Scott McCloud’s ‘Picture Plane’ from the book ‘Understanding Comics’. The Picture Plane is a model in which you can see the tranition between different visual styles. In this case from a realistic to a more iconic portrait.

En Profil

Bird Walkcycle

Heads Scaling

Clap Walkcycle

Character Stare Down

Pictoplasma organised a fun little challenge called the Character Stare Down. The goal was simple: create a short animation in which a character stares at you.

Wavy Facial Features

Turning Head